Employment Opportunities

Mill Bridge Village and Camp Resort is an equal opportunity employer and hires qualified candidates for a variety of jobs. Some of these positions include front desk reservations, cashier, activities coordinator, tour guides, outside maintenance and cleaning. If you are interested in working with us in the future please email your resume to:

or call 717-687-8181 for more information.

Work Camping is permitted where individuals and couples can stay on the property in their RV’s, while they perform various duties throughout the park.

Length of work commitment: April 1 – Nov 1

Examples of some positions are as follows:

Inside/Office Position

This position is an active position at our reservation front desk and requires a happy personality. You know how it goes “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Job Details: computerized reservation system for the booking of reservations, checking in arriving customers, checking out departing customers, some word processing, answering emails, back office organization such as (filing, maintaining housekeeping records, and petty cash maintenance). Along with the camping duties we have a retail store that would require retail sales to be recorded using the same reservation software and candy counter sales. This is the bulk of the position and these duties once training has ended can be performed most of the time by one person. There are times like Friday check-in and Holidays when more help will be provided.

The hours for this position are 25-30hrs/week. Scheduling is done between the three people that alternate in this position. Every attempt is made to make the schedule fare and enjoyable for all. Days off are usually consecutive and decided upon your arrival.

Outside Maintenance Position

This position involves the general upkeep of the campsites and cleaning of restrooms/cabins when the main cleaning crew is unable to perform their regular duties. Other duties will include grass trimming, hayrides using our golf cart, and the running of certain children’s activities. The hours for this position are 25-30hrs/week. One of the most important jobs is our pump out service for the seasonals. This is done once a week and we use state of the art equipment so it’s easy and clean. Below is an example of what a representative work week could look like:



  • Open Pool & Game Room
  • Pick Up
  • Open Mill, Grass, Painting, Landscaping
  • Maintenance Fire Rings and Items from Maintenance Book
  • Close Mill
  • Close Pool & Game Room

Tuesday & Wednesday: 

  • Off (Close Pool & Game Room if possible)


  • Repeat Monday’s Chores


  • Open Pool and Game Room
    Pick Up
  • Grass, Landscaping, where needed Arrange Tables
  • Close Pool & Call Bingo
  • Close Game Room


  • Hayride
  • Maintenance book
  • Close Pool & Call Bingo
  • Close Game Room


  • Open Pool & Game Room
  • Maintenance book
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Activities (Pool)
  • Pump out Service
  • Garbage left by Campers & Fire Rings
  • Close Pool & Game Room